Zahid Latif Khan


Mr. Zahid Latif Khan is the nominee director of Islamabad Stock Exchange Limited (ISE) at Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited. Presently, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of M/s Zahid Latif Khan Securities (Pvt.) Limited, one of the leading corporate brokers of PMEX as well as ISE. Besides running an independent corporate brokerage entity, Mr. Khan also has the distinction of serving as Board member of other capital market institutions such as NCEL Building Management Limited and Metropolitan Solutions (Pvt.) Limited. In addition, he is the Chairman of the Banking and Capital Markets Committee of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industries (RCCI).

During his involvement at the leadership level on the Boards of these capital market institutions, Mr. Khan has been instrumental in advancing the idea of corporate social responsibility and in the implementation of modern governance standards.

In addition to his regular contributions at the Board level, Mr. Khan has the distinction of playing key role in the establishment of Unified Trading Platform between Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges, and the operationalization of the PMEX, both of which are considered to be the landmark initiatives at the capital market landscape of the country.

As the Chairman and CEO of his securities firm, Mr. Khan is credit for expanding the network of retail brokerage outlets which has been remarkable growth in the business of his firm besides promoting the culture of stock investments amongst the smaller investors.

Mr. Khan holds a Bachelor degree and has also participated in various other domestic and international training programs, seminars and conferences.